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Hi, I am new with n8n and I have already been able to do interesting things with Notion, Telegram and MQTT… Now I would like to use the clipboard content to make some process on it and then save the result in a Notion database.

Is there a way to get the Clipboard content in a node ? Searched on the forum and on the web but nothing…

Thanks for help.

There is no native way that I know of. If it were me, I can think of at least 1x homerolled solution:

  • Check if any low-code chrome extension builders support accessing clipboard (I think does)
  • Most of those tools allow you to call a webhook URL
  • From there it’s a vanilla n8n workflow with a webhook trigger that parses that data and posts it.

If that doesn’t work, I’d next explore if a tool like Alfred could be the bridge between your OS and n8n (Alfred is for Mac, I assume there are more options for windows, maybe Linux).

We’ve had some internal concepts for an “n8n sidekick” that would help with usecases like that, but they’re not on our official roadmap atm (since it’s more of a RPA usecase). So nothing that would be made in next couple quarters.

Hope that helps! If you figure it out, would be super cool if you could share here. I’d be curious to see how you did it, as I’m sure others would too in our community.


I would like to know more :slight_smile: would you want to trigger a workflow as soon as you have something in your clipboard or would you want something like selecting text and doing a right click > send to n8n workflow?

Thanks for your help and thanks for the work done on n8n!

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Idea is to capture info (web, pdfs, others) through the clipboard and send it to a n8n wf to process these info and then based on certain rules save it in Notion or send it through Telegram (or other).

Would it have to be through the clipboard or would a context menu be just as useful to you? I am just wondering how we would know where to route the clipboard content based on content.

My idea is as follow:

  1. Select something (being text, url, embedded text, part of picture, etc…)
  2. With a ahk hotkey, launch a webhook to trigger a n8n workflow.
  3. In n8n get the clipboard content
  4. Make some procees on it
  5. Based on the content type and info passed through the webhook send it to Notion, Telegram, Slack or other.

Maybe it is simply impossible…

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