Getaddrinfo EAI_AGAIN


From time to time i get the error

RequestError: Error: getaddrinfo EAI_AGAIN
    at new RequestError (/usr/lib/node_modules/n8n/node_modules/request-promise-core/lib/errors.js:14:15)

Anyone knows what the cause of this is and/or how to fix this?

From googling i’ve came to the conclusion that it’s a DNS Issue, But from what i’ve diagnosed my dns is acting fine

This doesnt seem to be a problem with just Google Sheets, It’s happening to a bunch of my HTTP Requests now

Hey @Damian_K!

Sorry that you’re facing this issue. I have not seen this error before. Did you make any changes to your n8n instance? Can you also tell which nodes are giving you this error?

Is definitely not n8n related. The error means that there was a problem in the name resolution. n8n does not do that, it relies on the underlying system for that. If it fails, then there is something wrong there on a lower level. Like network issues, something with the DNS server, …
Best to Google that issue and then follow whatever it says there to debug.

I think i found out why this is happening, Debian does not have DNS Caching by default and thus everytime a workflow get’s executed it spams the DNS Server (Batching) for every request, The DNS Server cant hold up and simply wont respond anymore

But this is speculation, I gotta test it out

DNS Caching sped up the process a lot, I think the issue must’ve been the DNS Together with Hyper-V VQM which is wonky but i’ll be monitoring it for the next 48 hours to see if the same errors pop up

Really glad to hear that you could figure it out! I have honestly not much experience there, all I know is literally what I wrote you, that in this case, n8n is not at fault :wink:

Hope it keeps on working! Have fun!