Google Drive Integration [GOT CREATED]

An integration for Google Drive should be added:

Any update on this Jan ?

It’s really needed :pray:


Ah yes, had planned to look into it tomorrow.

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Sorry was to much other stuff going on. Hope I will find some time on friday.

Ok started to work on it. What functionality is needed most? Simply up- and downloading files by ID?

Did not hear back about the functionality so implemented for now just the basics (upload, download, list).

Got released with [email protected]

Remember that you have to invite also here the Service-Account-User to the folders that he can access them because for Google you and the Service-Account-User are two separate entities.

Hello jan,

Sorry I just saw your replies.

For my use case it needs to be able to create folders and documents too, my goal is to deploy a new client folder on google drive, and create a google doc and spreadsheet inside of it.

@vlom31 Ok then you are good to go. The integration already includes the functionality to create folders.