Google tagged my URL as phishing after using n8n OAuth

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Hey folks, I know it’s not your fault, but do you have an idea why Google did it? It’s annoying because I was using n8n as a subdomain and now all my domains are tagged as phishing.

I was setting up the Google Drive node and the part on the Google Cloud Console. I was trying to do the OAuth, but it was immediately blocked. Do you think the issues is that I was performing an OAuth with a .click domain?

Hi @NameRequired, I don’t think there’s much you can do apart from reporting this as a false positive through the respective form unfortunately:

I had the same problem, iirc it took them around two days to sort out.

My best guess is that some algorithm assumes we were trying to imitate the login form of another public n8n instances or something. At least the warning didn’t come back for me since I reported my own instance as a false positive.

@MutedJam Thank you for your swift reply! :pray:

Yes, I did it. I got whitelisted, but 2 days later without doing anything I got flagged again. Pretty annoying. :sweat_smile:

How did you manage not getting flagged again?

Huh, that didn’t happen for me and I am not sure what would trigger it again. I was using a .eu domain rather than a .click domain. Another thing I am doing is trying to prevent n8n from talking to any external domains. I don’t think any of these points would cause a public n8n instance to be flagged by Google’s safe browsing features, but I guess it could be worth a try.

Are you perhaps not using an encrypted HTTPS connection for your n8n instance?

Unfortunately I am not aware of any way to speak to a real person at Google, so I am not aware of a way to find out for sure what might be causing this. I am sorry :frowning:

@MutedJam No worries. Thanks a lot for your help.

I’m using certificates. Anyhow, if I get to know more details, I will let you know.

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Has this been resolved yet? We deployed n8n for the first time today and our domain has just been flagged as unsafe.

I wonder if this happens only if you have “n8n” in the subdomain? That combined with having the n8n logo served at that URL could be the reason for the being flagged.

Hey @karl.schriek,

That is very quick to be flagged, We have been looking to see if there is anything we can do but for now you will need to report your site as being safe to Google.

Hey @karl.schriek,

What version did you install?

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