How do you reset the WIndows Desktop Client Password?

I am having an issue resetting my desktop password. When I press password reset the app responds with “Please contact your admin. n8n isn’t set up to send email right now.”

How do I reset the password ?

I have already removed and reinstalled the application with no effect.

Hey @DGulson, sorry to hear you’re having trouble here.

Unfortunately, resetting the user password on n8n.desktop is a bit tricky with n8n originally built as a server application. You could for example set up SMTP as described here.

On n8n.desktop, the environment variables would need to be added to the C:\Users\<Username>\.n8n\n8n-desktop.env file (replace <username> with your actual windows username). Afterwards, you should be able to rest the password as expected.

Alternatively, if you don’t have any data you’d like to keep, you could simply delete the database.sqlite file in your C:\Users\<Username>\.n8n\ directory. This is the database used by n8n. Once deleted, n8n would re-create it from scratch on the next start and you can set up a new user or skip the user management setup completely (which is what I’d recommend unless you’re sharing your Windows account with someone):

I will try that, thankyou

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