How to create a notification scaling system

Hi. I want to build a threaded notification system for system and product alerts, somehow inspired in the way tools like PRTG work.

The idea is that alerts can arrive either via a webhook or a monitored mailbox. I would then need to group them by type to decide who is going to receive them and priority.

We would notify via on a first instance, depending on priority the email if it arrives again after X minutes and finally perhaps SMS or push service to technicians.

I am rather lost in how to approach the scaling thread factor. This is, if an alert arrives every 5 minutes I only want to execute it the first time and then perhaps redo after 30 minutes and then if it persists increase the priority or contacts to receive it.

I also need to limit the days and times each type of notifications will be applicable and, on an ideal world be able to create a dashboard of active alerts

I imagine there likely exists open source tools like this already existing but I don’t really know any.

Any help or suggestions would be mostly appreciated. Thanks.


I can help to you if you drop a DM we can talk in a call.


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