How to use the webhook URL in an expression

I have a Workflow with two trigger nodes, once being the normal workflow entrance, another a webhook trigger. I want to treat this workflow as an RPC where the first steps lead into sending a request out and when that request is finished it calls the webhook from the same workflow.

What variable can I use to get the URL form the webhook node so that I can include it in my external call/message? I see the variable {{$node["Webhook"].parameter["path"]}} however I want the full URL so that I don’t need to add logic for my environments, ex. local, dev, prod or whether I am using a tunnel.

That is sadly nothing that can be done right now.

What you can however do, is to query that data from the environment variable via which it is set which will be in the end the same: {{ $env.WEBHOOK_URL }}

So in full it would be:

{{ $env.WEBHOOK_URL }}webhook/{{ $node["Webhook"].parameter["path"] }}
// or
{{ $env.WEBHOOK_URL + 'webhook/' + $node["Webhook"].parameter["path"] }}

Thank you, I also asked this question before I knew there was a wait Node with the $resumeWebhookUrl variable.