HTTP Request for Balance Statement on WISE (SCA Auth Error)

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Ive added my private key (which I created in openssl as recommended) in my credentials when in the Wise Node, I have looked at the Wise documents on steps to create SCA Token however I can not figure out how to implement this in n8n (I am a beginner here so please bare with me) Ive used the cUrl prompt within the HTTP Node and when implementing I either get the below-mentioned error or get a 401 error.

My goal is to get a statement of my account which I can then get updates whenever I spend something on my card.

What is the error message (if any)?ERROR: Error signing SCA request, check your private key

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  • n8n version: latest stable version 1.27.1
  • Database (default: SQLite):
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Hey @Mjkramer14,

Welcome to the community :raised_hands:

Do you have a link to the API docs you are following?

Thanks @Jon !

Sure, here are the links ive been trying to follow in order to create a Personal SCA Token

and then to retrieve the balance account statement:

Hey @Mjkramer14,

I have not used Wise but I think the below should do the job, I used the data from the first link to verify and the signature is generated correctly so this could help unless it needs something else.

Thanks a bunch @Jon - ive just tried this yet it still gives me the 401 error?


error_description:Missing token

do you know what token this is reffering too?

Hey @Mjkramer14,

That could be the authentication token do you still have the wise api token set as a header?

yes - ive selected
Send Headers

Header Parameters
Name: Authoriastion
Value: Bearer

I can’t see any other value in their docs that they could mean.

I might have to do the One Time Token?

Let me see - thanks for all your help however been a great help so far

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