HTTP Request: No data

I created a HTTP Request node that queries a very simple API, which returns JSON. When I click “Execute Node”, I was expecting that data to be shown on the right side of the editor dialog, but it continues to say “No data. Data returned by this node will display here”, and the data is also not accessible to the next node in the workflow. I know the endpoint works and it got triggered, so why is the output not getting into n8n?

Update: I restarted my docker containers, and suddenly, everything works as expected. $*ckin’ Gremlins! Problem solved, maybe?

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Additional information: I have n8n running in docker on my machine, talking to the API in another docker container. When I connect to it on localhost:5678, the node acts as expected. However, I also have a cloudflare argo tunnel to my machine (which works kind of like ngrok) that routes traffic to different services based on a subdomain, and if I access it through that, I see the above behavior. In either configuration, n8n can access the api container, and does so, but when accessed through a non-localhost URL, it doesn’t show me any output.

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I think the issue might have been with the networking in Docker. But anyways, I am glad it is working for you now!

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