HTTP Request Node: Delay Feature for executing more than one request

I am facing an issue with the HTTP Request Node. I have the following setup:

  • Function Node: It checks for customer related data coming from Woocommerce, compares it with customer data in ERPNext. Sometimes or in certain cases, I need to generate a list of customer related data which needs to be updated before proceeding with my workflow. The function generates a list that consists of URLs, method (Post or Put), and a data object of the data to be updated.
  • HTTP Request Node: It gets the feed generated by the Function Node, for each item it sends a request to do the update.
    I must admit, N8n is really fast to the extent that ERPNext throws errors because some of the resources end up with a deadlock due to the update process.
    Is there a plan to add a delay feature for such cases or another alternative? I tried the Wait Node, it only works before the HTTP Request, but once the Wait time is over, all the items sent by the Function node get executed by the HTTP Request immediately.
    As always, appreciate your continuous support & efforts, thanks.

Did you check the parameters batch interval and batch size? They are under options.

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@RicardoE105 Thanks a lot, I will try it…