HubSpot and webhooks

I was trying to use webhooks to trigger each time a deal is updated.

It is not working and I can’t understand why.
I created an app withing Hubspot developper interface :

I configured the authentication with n8n redirect url ( and the permissions as shown bellow :

I put the n8n webhooks url in the webhooks section in Hubspot :

I subscribed to the event corresponding to changes in deals properties and I activated the subsciption :

After all that, when I change deals properties it does not trigger at all. Any advise please ?

Hi @sssamsss8 :wave: You’re using the Hubspot trigger, right? Can you share your workflow / which trigger you’re using for testing? :slight_smile:

I first tried to use the Hubspot trigger node but it didn’t work as I could not authenticate. I had this :

So I used the webhooks trigger directly :

hope what I just sent is helpful … Tell me if it is not.

I managed to authenticate n8n hubspot trigger to my hubspot account.
But still it never triggers up.

I created an application MyHubSpotApp_n8n through a Hubspot developer account. This application provides me with the App ID, Client ID, and Client Secret. I’ve also configured the domains to which the application can have access. I connected the n8n hubspot trigger to my hubspot account thanks to MyHubSpotApp_n8n.
I’ve set up a webhooks link (from a trigger node I created in n8n) and subscribed this webhook to the event corresponding to a change in the pipeline stage property in deals. When I test by changing a stage of a transaction, I notice that the application doesn’t detect the event.

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