Is there a support for creating a hubspot trigger? [GOT CREATED]

Is there a support for creating a hubspot trigger?

Hello @maar welcome to the community!

Sorry do not understand what you mean exactly.

There is no Hubspot Trigger Node right now. it is however possible to create one. The docs can be found here:

Do you mean if we would give you help/support if you would start to write it?

yeah. i tried writing it but there is a limitation to hubspot to send the webhook payload to only a single url. unlike other webhook triggers, that it is per webhook level, one url for one webhook. but hubspot does not support this, only a single url for all. would you know how to implement this one?

@maar Just finished the Hubspot Trigger. @jan will let you know here when is released.

Yes, with the Trigger you are gonna have that limitation, just being able to listen to one event at a time.

Either way, you can have a webhook node that receives all the events and using the switch node you can decide what to do depending on the event.


thanks @RicardoE105 @jan how do you propose i receive those events? then call the workflows that match those events?


Yeah @maar depending how big the workflow is I would recommend to use a workflow node for each event.

Thanks a lot @RicardoE105 for creating the Hubspot-Trigger Node.

Got released with [email protected]

thanks guys! @RicardoE105 @jan I have a question though, what is the webhook url i will put in hubspot?

That is not necessary. n8n takes care of that automatically. So when you activate a workflow (or you test it) the webhook URL gets automatically added in the background for you. And when the workflow gets deactivated (or after you received the first call after testing) does it automatically get removed again.

Just make sure that you have either n8n set up on a server with a proper domain or you start it locally with the tunnel. If not Hubspot would not be able to reach n8n as it has to be web-accessible.

If you have any other questions or something is still unclear simply get back to us.

Thanks for the reply!

So, if i make changes to hubspot, for example add a contact. The workflow will be triggered automatically? Even though i idid not setup webhook in hubspot itself?

Yes exactly. But only if the workflow is active or you are testing (after you pressed “Execute Workflow” for one event) because n8n is setting everything up for you in the background.

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oh wow. will test that out! thanks

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