If node issue (Notion database)

Hi everyone,

I’m having issues with my IF node.
My workflow is the following: On Notion, we have a product roadmap database. When a card is added with the status “Bugs” it sends a message on Discord to our tech team. See screenshot below:

So the if node is suppose to filter based on the status name: IF status = Bugs → True which it does according to the example below:

And yet it sends the “FALSE” items to Discord.

Anybody knows what the issue is?

Thanks a lot

Hey @Barberg, I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble.

I tried reproducing this, but the Notion and IF nodes are working as expected for me (-ish, with the exception of this bug waiting to be fixed).

Is there a chance you are using an expression in your Discord node referencing not the incoming data but data from before your IF node? Could you perhaps share your workflow?

Hi @MutedJam sorry for the late reply! It seems to be working now, I can’t replicate anymore so all good :smile: Thanks for the help