Impossible to setup a formula in Google Sheets node ("=" sign disappear)

Hello, I would like to know if my issue is a bug or just a bad usage i’m doing with the node :

I would like to set a hyperlink in a cell but everytime i’m setting the “=” to setup the formula and I close the node I can see that they remove the “=” sign. Is it a bug ?

Here’s a screen of my usage :

Not on a computer right now, but check under the options. There should be an option which let’s you choose between different modes how values get set.

Yep, I do have this option, here’s the configuration :

But still, when i’m closing the windows and re open it, here’s what happen :

Ah OK. Yes the problem here is that “=” get used internally in n8n to tell it that a value is an Expression. Meaning it will then always become an Expression, there is no way to avoid that. But you can still make it work by adding the “=” back again after it “disappeared”. It will then internally be ==1+1 but you will only see =1+1 and that is also how it will be sent to Google Sheets.


Hello @jan thanks for this insight, it works !

I just have to take care when I re-open it, that’s all.

Have a good day and have fun building :slight_smile:

Great to hear! Sorry for the confusion, is really not obvious what to do here, luckily nothing that comes up too often as it is not needed that often.

Thanks, also wish you a great day!

Have fun!

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