Issue with Asignee fields on Asana create task


I found an error with Asignee field in Asana create task node.
This field need gid as value but when gid is direct push as variable there is an error:
Only option now is to manualy choose from list, and when we look at the epression it is given as gid after choosing manualy…

Why do you have a GUI different than the available there? The field is supposed to list all the posible assignees? Am I missing something? When you execute the node, you get an error? If not, ignore the warning message.

At a start i have a list like you said.
But i wanna use a variable with GID there.
When i use it i got this error:

As you can see my variable contains GID but somehow n8n throw a error.

The only thing that comes to mind it’s that id it’s not a valid user id. Where is this ID coming from? is it coming from a webhook? What node is referencing the expression?

Or if the ID is correct maybe it is of the wrong type. Like it is supposed to be a string but is a number or the other way around.


Thanks Jan!
I didn’t think about it.
Google Sheets changed format to text and i don’t know why.
Good to know that there is function to check it:

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Glad to hear that it helped. Have fun!