Jira - Customfields not selectable

I am just starting with n8n and try to build a simple workflow that opens a jira ticket for me.

n8n v0.168.2

Connection to Jira is up an running. To open a ticket, I have to select a customfields, which are all shown to me

After selecting i get the error message

What am I doing wrong?

Hey @Laif, I am very sorry to hear you’re encountering this behaviour. Can you confirm which version of Jira you’re using so I can try and reproduce the problem on my end?

Sure … Jira v7.12.3

I have switched to another Dev Maschine with a Jira v8.13.14. Here it is working.

Hi @Laif, thank you for your patience in this matter. I finally managed to st up Jira data centre v7 on my end and tested your workflow, but I didn’t run into the problem you have described.

Once I updated the custom field ID from your Function node to a valid ID on my end, the ticket got created as expected. So I’ll go ahead and mark this as resolved on my end as well, seeing this this is working for you on newer Jira versions (and seeing Jira 7 has reached its end of life in 2020).

I’ll take a look at your other Jira issue Jira Connector: Kaskading Fields - Questions - n8n next and will report back as soon as I can.