Level 2 Course - Quiz

Hi all,

I’ve just completed the Level 2 course - enjoyed it, thank you!

No badge yet but I’m assuming it’s either batch added on a specific timeframe, or perhaps something didn’t trigger because I did the discord after the quiz (my discord message wasn’t registered at first). I’m ID recxbShEsIvGwbf24.

A few observations / questions:

  • I couldn’t see the discord channel for the level 2 course. If this is intentional then a note in the course would be useful so people don’t spend time hunting for it.

  • At the end of the quiz, I received the email message “Congratulations, you completed the course and passed the quiz with /15 points!”. It didn’t tell me my score, although I see that in the milestone lookup. Are 15 points actually available in the L2 quiz? There certainly aren’t 15 questions from what I could see.

  • Some of the questions are a little unclear, as they refer to e.g. “Customer 10” and I wasn’t sure if this was the customer with that ID or the customer who happens to be in position 10 / item 10.

  • Question 10 asks which employee was assigned to Customer 1. If this is the customer with ID 1 then there are multiple possible answers as it seems employees are assigned to each order. Customer with ID 1 has multiple orders and therefore multiple employees assigned.

  • Question 11 does not have the answer I expected. It asks for the order price of the last item in the first batch. The value for this (after the items are sorted into descending price order) is not on the list. What is on the list is the last item in the second batch, or the first batch if the batch size was 10, OR the price of the last item in the first batch (batch size 5) if the sorting is removed.

  • It would be great to be emailed the correct answers after passing the quiz so we can check our answers.

If some of those are down to my own misunderstanding, please do let me know!



Hi @Markt,

Thanks for the feedback, We do have a note to update the course so this is useful feedback.

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