N8n App and access via http://localhost:5679

How safe is it to access and edit workflows in an n8n App via http://localhost:5679 ?

I noticed that I edited a workflow via localhost, and when I looked at the same workflow via the App, it was not updated. The workflow worked fine via http://localhost:5679, but when I made a change in the App (added a note), it saved the old workflow and broke the changes I made via http://localhost:5679

Hey @dickhoning,

In theory the app just loads the same page so there shouldn’t be any problems.

@Jon there should not be, but apparently there is … But no worries, I’ve got a good regular backup on all my workflows, so I was able to recover what I lost.

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Oh what broke? I used my desktop app like that for a while without any issues.

The changes I made via my web browser were gone!

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