Need help to upgrade the version from 0.144.0 to latest

Hi all. Am using N8N version. 0.144.0. i wanted to upgrade it to the latest one . Our codebase was setup with cloning the github repo of n8n. we tried fetching the latest commits from the n8n github repo but ended with conflicts . any idea how i can do this . is there any better methods


Hey @Lino_Thomas,

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Are you using n8n embed? It is a very unusual choice to clone the repo and run n8n from there the docker approach is probably the better option.

If you are getting conflicts it sounds like you have custom code changes so you would need to manually go through and resolve those, If you have not made any code changes you can export your current workflows, set up n8n using docker and import them again which will allow you to update without having to worry about github again.

Hi @Jon,

Thank you for your prompt response. Our codebase was indeed set up in that manner. I have managed to resolve the conflicts and am now able to run it on my local machine. I was wondering if this approach could potentially cause any complications when importing and utilising our existing workflows.

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Hey @Lino_Thomas,

It shouldn’t cause any issues but it depends on the changes that were made.

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