Need help with a workflow

Although I have connected my Google Sheet, the node isnt getting executed. Can you help me with where i am going wrong?

Hey @Saandhy_Ganeriwala!

Can you please share more information. What authentication method are you using? Do you get any errors when you execute the node?

this is the error i got (attached) & i used OAuth

Can you check the Sheet ID that you’re using? Make sure that you don’t have any extra characters.
I get the same error when the Sheet ID is incorrect.

Have given screenshot of the sheet and also what I am entering in the Sheet ID

Hey @Saandhy_Ganeriwala,

I tested it out and it works for me as expected. From the screenshot that you shared, it seems that the ID is correct. I am not sure if there’s any whitespace that might cause the issue. Can you create new credentials, connect to your account and try again?

Thanks Harshil, it worked after i changed the credentials

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