No code Update or Create operations

Hi team,

I’m building out a flow to capture all N8N workflows and publish them into a Notion Dashboard.
The way I want to set it up is as following

  1. use the N8N node to capture all workflows.
  2. use Notion node to GET all entries (and applying a filter on one of the notion attributes) in that specific Notion database
  3. If/Else node to make the decision to the Update or Create branch

What I’ve noticed if there is a match found it will continue the flow and will execute an update event.
If it doesn’t capture a match the workflow stops. Then I found out the ‘Always Output Data’ toggle.

How do I use the empty value in the else statement?
So basically, if there is a value it must exists or it doesn’t.

I’ve seen examples where javascript is before the If/Else node to help in this case. But I would like to do this without the need to code.


In this example I have 2 N8N workflows. In the GetNotionDB node I’ve applied a filter on one of the db attributes of Notion. Since there is 1 matching entree in Notion, only 1 item is passed through…
I want to capture Item 2 here as well…

I’ve found a solution by putting the Split in Batches node (with size 1 ) in between.

is this the best practice?


Hi @NickorDo :wave: Welcome to the community :cake:

Glad you found a solution! I’m not too sure what else I would do if I wanted to go entirely no-code, myself :sweat_smile:

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Thank you for the welcome and confirming the approach :slight_smile:
Absolutely love N8N!


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