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Hi guys,

I am building a workflow for Odoo, and I notice that I cannot get the last rows of data, only first rows are pulled out when I send a Get request.

For example, I have a list of 100 customers whose ID is from 1 -100 on my Odoo, and I limited contact pulled by 30. I want to pull out the last 30 (id) customers, but it always shows the first 30 (id) customers.

The filters does not help. Is there any way to fix it? or any work around would be helpful as well.

Hi @semighoti - Would you be able to share your workflow here so we can get some more context into how you’re using the Odoo node?

Hi @EmeraldHerald

Here is my workflow. I try to pull out new records from Odoo and match with the current records on GG sheet. Since Odoo does not pull out new records, the output of Merge node has nothing as well. Small database will be no problem since I can pull a bigger limit, but it is not suitable for a long run.


Hi @semighoti - if you try toggling the “return all” option, what happens for you with this node?

Hi @EmeraldHerald Thanks for the response.

I did toggled it and, I got return all the rows in Odoo database. I meant the node was working, but I just wonder that if we have any “sort” to get new rows only.

“Return all” toggle is not effective in my case. If i have one million records, I don’t wanna pull them all out at once for sure. If I might, there is still issue with comparing with Google Sheet because Google Sheet can only handle like ~50K rows, so there will always be new records at the Merge node.

That would be nice if we have a “sort” function for Odoo, or any work round for my situation?

Thanks for your help.

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@semighoti Unfortunately the only workaround I could think of is directly querying the API through the HTTP Request node and making whatever request you have in mind directly.

I’ve moved this over to the feature request forum so that our product team can get some eyes on this!


Hi @EmeraldHerald Thanks for your response. Hope the node gets updated soon.

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