Open Sub-Workflow when Clicking "Execute Node"-Node

The idea is:

We are currently developing a series of workflows that use API queries of an application.
We are trying to keep the reusability of individual workflow sections as high as possible through sub-workflows.

However, when developing and debugging the workflows, it is inconvenient to switch to the same sub-workflow if an error occurs in a sub-workflow.

The idea is to create a simple method (e.g. a button) to open the sub-workflow in a new browser tab.

My use case:

  • development of a larger workflow
  • outsourcing reusable parts into sub-workflows
  • in the development process, errors occur in a sub- (or even) sub-sub-workflow
  • you have to switch to the corresponding sub-workflows via the workflow ID and open the corresponding execution
  • a small button or link opens the workflow, and if available, even the corresponding faulty execution in a new browser tab

Was planning on posting this feature request, but never got around to it.
Especially now the Id’s aren’t numeric anymore it makes it a lot harder to jump to a subworkflow.
Hopefully it is easy to implement. :slight_smile:

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