Paid license feature - building standalone exe files

I recall this summer, there was a discussion regarding the paid tier of n8n - not sure if this idea had been already brought up.

I’m starting a new service project, building small automations for the business. If n8n had the option to encode the creds, workflows, license checks, etc - into a standalone self-sustainable executable (binary or service), without any extra headache (no nodejs installation) - that’s definitely something i’d like to grab a paid tier for.

Something like “i buy 100 n8n binaries licenses, n8n license server grants me 100 codes, i share standalone build+code to my customers, profit”.
Plus if n8n can also handle “one-licence-to-one-running-machine” check - that would be great.

Sounds like its already pretty possible to build exe file from nodejs: Compiling a Node.js Application into an .exe File | Engineering Education (EngEd) Program | Section

But anyways, this + out-of-box, zero-headache licensing is definitely something i’d like to pay for.

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