Question about Licence

First of all I would like to say thank you for the really great project you have set up here! Perfect TechStack and also a really useful and well developed tool!

I have a question about the license used for n8n.
Is it allowed to develop on n8n for money, specifically to add a node and then bring that code into the project via pull request?
My understanding is that this should be allowed, since no money is made directly from n8n, rather from programming services.

A short clarification would be very kind!

Best regards!

Zuallererst möchte ich danke sagen für das wirklich tolle Projekt das ihr hier auf die Beine gestellt habt! Super TechStack und auch wirklich sehr nützliches und gut entwickeltes Tool!

Ich hätte eine Frage zur Licence, die für n8n verwendet wird.
Ist es erlaubt gegen Geld an n8n weiterzuentwickeln, konkret einen Node hinzuzufügen und diesen Code dann per Pull-Request in das Projekt einzubringen?
Meinem Verständnis nach müsste das erlaubt sein, da kein Geld direkt mit n8n verdient wird, vielmehr mit der Programmierleistung.

Eine kurze Klarstellung wäre sehr nett!

Beste Grüße!

Welcome to the community @AustrianUser!

Really great to hear that you like n8n and that it is helpful for you!

Developing for n8n is currently allowed up to $30k a year, if you want to do more please contact us. You can find more information about that here. Hope it is helpful.

Thank you for your answer!
Can you please add some information about what this partnership (the licence you give) means?
Is it a one-time payment to obtain the licence, is it a percentage of the money that is being made with n8n (if so, how much is it), or is it a fixed price per year?

There are two different things.

  • One is a license for actually using the n8n code in a product
  • Another one is to do consulting and support for n8n

The details depend on what exactly you have planned. If you are interested, you can get in contact with our Head of Sales via [email protected] and set up a call. He can then give you a more detailed answer once he got a proper understanding.

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