Production webhooks enabled by default

Hello, it seems that, in order to trigger a workflow via webhooks, one should always:

  1. trigger the test url
  2. enable the workflow
  3. trigger the production url
    Is there some flag for n8n environment, that allows us to skip 1. and by enabling the workflow, we can immediately start using it in production?


Hi @Boris_Idesman, I am afraid auto-enabling workflows including a webhook trigger is not a setting n8n has right now. So I’ll convert your question into a feature request, allowing you and other users to vote for it.

Until the feature is released, do you see any issues using the test url (basically always triggering the workflow via the test url?)

The test URL will only be active if you manually execute your workflow, so would require user interaction before every single webhook.

Is there any other approach, that you can recommend? Unfortunately, if we change a n8n machine, the workflows have to be reenabled one by one, so that the prod webhooks work.

You can update the activation status of your workflows via n8n’s REST API: API reference - n8n Documentation

So you could consider building a workflow (or external script) to activate all workflows for you when needed.

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@MutedJam For some reason, I can’t call the n8n API - it asks me for authorisation, but I am using an API key: {“code”:401,“message”:“Authorization is required!”}
Do you know what might be the reason?

@Boris_Idesman do you have n8n configured to use basic auth as well as the user management feature?

Right now no users - only basic auth @MutedJam

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