Pull Request: JWT Authentication Improvements

Hey everyone,

Our company provides SSO capabilities with JWT authorization tokens that we’d love to use with n8n but noticed that there were a few incompatibilities. I’ve created this a pull request that adds the following functions:

  1. JWT Cookie Support
  2. JWKS EC-signed Key Support
  3. Broader Tenant ID Support
  4. Potential JWT Auth Performance Improvement

Hoping this gets picked up as this will really help us manage our user’s instances by eliminating predefined basic auth credentials, and allow us to leverage JWT for SSO and enhanced user security (via Tenant/Claim checking).

Thanks for any and all feedback!

Hey @Ian_Taggart,

Looks like a good feature change to me :+1:

Thanks for the feedback, @Jon! Do you need anything else from me regarding the pull request? Thanks again!

Hey @Ian_Taggart,

Not yet, I just need to find a bit of time to review it properly.

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Thanks for the update, Jon! I’ll look out for any communication from you on here or Github incase you have any questions.

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