Send email node + self signed certificate

Hey n8n-community,

Any way to enable n8n to accept a self-signed cert for smtp/tls?
(or fall back to plain old smtp)

just stared out with n8n. Atm. n8n is running as a container in my lab-setup, which consists of several vm’s & containers in a sealed-off virtual network.
Now- when I want t use the send-email node, this fails because n8n doesn’t like the self-signed cert of my postfix-vm
Before digging though n8n - any solution here?


Hey @ArgH,

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In the Send Email node at the bottom there is an Options section, In there you should find the Ignore SSL Issues option which should sort this one out.


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:slight_smile: thanks

I only had a look a the credentials with it’s ssl/tls switch, but never had a look in the options field in the node

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