Sendgrid / Mailchimp / Mailjet: simple email newsletter option to send to a list of contacts

I’m currently trying to figure out how to:

  • use a operator like Mailchimp/Mailjet/SendGrid
  • to send a simple email (based on a template, but text based is fine too, if it has to be)
  • to a list of people
  • on an ongoing basis (being the same template)

I’ve tried:

  • Mailchimp: they seem to only allow you to send an email once, you have to create it first (you may choose resend but it will only send to people that haven’t opened the first one). So even though it’s there as a template I can’t seem to send it repeatedly.
  • Mailjet doesn’t seem to have many options with the node integration at all, but it does have a templating system I could use, however, it only allows you to send it from email to email, and no lists of people to choose?
  • Idem for SendGrid, but they have more options in general, also for list management. However, it does not seem like you can choose that list to send to.

Can you help?

TLDR: looking to send an email out daily based on the same template based on a list in any of those tools. Prompted by a event tracked via an n8n webhook.

You can actually use any of those nodes. Each of them will send an email per item. Meaning if you read the list of email addresses, for example from a Google Sheet, you will end up with an item for each email address. If you then connect that node with any of the above-mentioned ones, will each of them receive one email, if you set an expression on the ‘Receiver/To’ parameter.

Not sure how many emails you want to send but if is a larger number it is worth checking if they have some kind of rate limit. In this case, you would have to use a SplitInBatches node in combination with a Wait node to avoid hitting it.

Hope that is helpful!

Thank you Jan, as always helpful and fast. Appreciate it.

Do you confirm then that none of the “emailing” nodes are set up to simply a) define a list with emails from the chosen operator and b) a template for that email?

In your suggestion I’d have to export that list to a Google Sheet first, for example. And then do I need to do some iterator function or someting of the sort for each of the emails in the table?

Thank you

Hey @somesimon,

I looked at Mailchimp, Mailjet, and SendGrid nodes. Mailchimp doesn’t provide the functionality to send emails to individuals. You will have to create a campaign and add your contacts to a list to send them an email. However, you can use either the Mailjet or the SendGrid node to send the emails. They both allow you to use a template too.

Right. I got it to work with SendGrid after a few tries. Since my flow was based on a webhook, I only noticed later that it wouldn’t let me test it until I removed that part of the flow.

However the question I have left: I can’t seem to pick a certain list to email to, I can only send to all contacts, do you confirm [SendGrid]?

Do you want to send it to a list or contacts individually?

All recipients in a specific list.

It’s not clear to me how to do that though. With the emailing API of the node it seems to only give you “contacts” and not list (there is the list action but choosing a list there doesn’t seem to go anywhere really).

Contacts are probably the entirety of all contacts, while lists are segments.


Hey @somesimon,

Thank you for answering my question. I took a look at the SendGrid API and it seems like they don’t support sending emails to a list. You will have to send the email to each contact. What you can do is, fetch all the contacts from SendGrid, check if they belong to a specific list, and then send an email.

Alright, I will have to try to find time to set that up…thank you Harshil.

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@somesimon What option did you use in the end? or how did you manage to solve it?

I’m trying to send an email to a contact list from Mailjet, but I can’t manage to select just one list.

I’m just using Sendgrid dynamic templates and the entire contact list. It’s not perfect, but it works if I won’t have to segment.