Sending data to n8n Webhook gives 404

I’m trying to send data to WebHook and It returns a 404 error.

I have enabled WebHook Tunnel URL in env too.

n8n is running on VPS behind the Nginx Reverse Proxy. And I’m using Test Webhook URL

Is the test webhook in n8n active at that time?

Yes, bro. It’s active and I tried without activating the workflow too.

Does it work if you call it with curl?
Does the production webhook work if you set the workflow active?
One problem that happens a lot is that people make GET requests but have it set to POST or the other way around.
Can you call: ?

Btw. just to understand you correctly. The test-webhook is only active for 120 seconds after you pressed “Execute Worflow” and then also for just exactly one call. It has nothing to do with the workflow being active or not.

OMG, you’re a genius.

You’re right @jan

I have mistakenly set it to GET instead of POST. I understood the term wrong while gone through this documentation.

:white_check_mark: Guys, If you want to get data from WebHook the HTTP Method should be set to POST. Don’t set it as GET

Glad to hear that I could help. Have fun!

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