Several n8n instances (main mode) on Kubernetes

I deploy n8n (main mode) on Kubernetes, for the moment I have just 1 pods but I want to have several instances/servers.

So can I have 3 servers connected to the same database but in different pod ? (main mode)

Ps: they will be linked to the same domain (ex:

For the queue mode, I will have a main server and several workers, but can I have several main servers and X workers ?

My objective is to have 3 main servers and X workers ?


Hi @sGendrot, this wouldn’t really work for n8n I am afraid :frowning:

The reason is that changes to the database aren’t reflected by other instances until they are restarted. So if in your instance A you disable a workflow, this change would take effect immediately on instance A and is also written to the database.

However, instance B would not notice this change and would still assume the workflow is still active.

Could be an interesting feature request though (allow using multiple main instances in queue mode); I’ll convert your question into a feature request so you and other users can vote on it.

Just out of interest, have you hit any limits or problems with using a single main instance?

ok, thx for the answer. So I guess we have the same limitation (only one main instance) for the instances in main mode.

The problem: we prefer to have at least 2 replicas of every applications (if a pod is kill for any reason, the service is still available).

@sGendrot do all replicas need to be active at the same time or could you just run with an active-passive style setup and just fire it up if the other pod goes down?