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I read the documentation about scalling n8n but I still have a question.

In the documentation it mentions :

When running in queue mode you have multiple n8n instances set up (as many as desired or necessary to handle your workload), with one main instance receiving workflow information (e.g. triggers) and the worker instances performing the executions.

My question is about the “one main instance”. Does that means that we can’t have a high avaibility for this main instance ?

My company want to make a simulation of a loss of a datacenter so I need to have a backup is that possible ?

Hey @Kent1,

You can only have one main instance running but there is no reason as to why you couldn’t have it in an active passive setup and bring up the second main instance when the first one fails. As long as you have the same config options set for both and the database is replicated it should just be a case of making sure one is stopped and starting the other up.


Thanks for your help.

I will work on it next week and I will let you know if I solve my problem.

Last question, about redis and the management of the queue. Can we implement HA too with sentinel ? Do we have to change our n8n config ?

Re. Sentinel, see this recent PR ✨ Add Redis Sentinel support by pemontto · Pull Request #5350 · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub

And pop a vote on Please provide option to use Redis sentinels or Clusters for queue mode

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