Shopify Trigger buggy

Hey again! :slight_smile:

I can’t get the shopify “order paid” trigger to work - haven’t tested the rest since I want that one.

a standard “Webhook” works just fine.


It looks like the webhook is registrered, or I would be getting a console error.

Since I do get Shopify data with a standard webhook, I’m assuming n8n is throwing away the information for some reason.

SECOND topic:

Is there a way to make this work?
The workflow is the same for both data sources (trigger and get-all):

currently the waiting for the trigger blocks the workflow.

thanks so much! I love n8n, even though I keep running into the weirdest problems :wink:

n8n checks if the data it receives is really from Shopify. It that is not the case, it ignores it. I wonder if something changed there. We will have a look.

About your second issue. Are you talking about testing? Because in production it should work just fine. Only when testing does n8n check if there is a node which expects a webhook call an waits till it receives it. If you do not want that, you have to temporary disable the node when you test/develop.

@Veit_Nachtmannv just tested it and it’s working fine. I would double check if shared secret is correct.