Status is Unknown

Hi Expert, i built my own workflow, however, when i check the execution.
All the status are unknown.
“The workflow execution is probably still running but it may have crashed and n8n cannot safely tell”

after i click inside to check and i found that most of the data from airtable did not pass to next node
(however, the flow is ok without problem, that means data is pass to next node)

Can any one advise me how to make status “success”


Hi @Louis_kwok,

i have the same problem with big (data) workflows. n8n has a memory size limit for workflows execution. If the execution is not saved the status is unknown. But there are a workaround:
Split the workflow into smaller ones and execute the single workflows with “Execute Workflow”. Make sure that not too much data is sent back to the “Execute Workflow” otherwise the same problem occurs.
So the status remains unknown for the smaller workflows with big data, but with the “container” workflow you can now identify the status error/success clearly.

I hope I could help you further.

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