Sticky Notes - where are they?

Regarding ‘Sticky Notes’ Sticky Notes - n8n Documentation where are they, only I can’t find them? Have they been removed? I’ve searched for ‘Note’ but can only see ‘Notion’.

Hi @spessex

From your last question I noticed you are on an old version. Make sure you update to get the notes.
They appear when you hover over the + icon (add node icon)


Hey @spessex,

Just to add a little screenshot to what @BramKn has said…


Sticky Notes were added in 0.174.0

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Thank Guys. I’ve now upgraded… hadn’t realised I was running such an old version! Just assumed it auto-updated.


can we ask for the option to change the notes background colours ?

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@RedPacketSec Yes, for sure. Please open a separate feature request for that so that people can also upvote. Thanks a lot!

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