N8n dark mode illegible (when using sticky notes)

I use sticky notes to compartmentalise different sections of a workflow, like so:

But look what happens every night when dark mode comes on:

(All of the white text becomes illegible against the yellow background).

May I request either:

  1. Dark mode accounts for nodes that are overlayed above sticky notes.


  1. We have the ability to create “windows” or boxes where you can handle specific functionality, to replicate this way of laying out a workflow in a more visual manner.

Hey @James_Pardoe,

This has been improved in 1.17.0 and the default sticky note now looks like this…

We have also added the ability to set the colour of the note which should also help in some cases.

Let me know what you think.

Nice!! Any insight as to when 1.17 will be made available?

Hey @James_Pardoe,

We released 1.17.0 on Wednesday and 1.17.1 will probably be released later today although it is tagged as next rather than latest so if you are using the latest tag that will likely be updated next week when we release 1.18.0