Subpath host configuration

Hi, we’re planning to install different n8n instance for each of our tenant.

How can we configure n8n to serve different instances based on subpath?
our goal: http://owr.custom.domain/{{tenant}}

As for now we configure all variables like docs said without any success

Current Stack:
n8n on docker

Welcome to the community @Cristiano_iimage!

Yes, that is currently not possible. n8n needs it own domain/subdomain to run correctly.

Tyvm 4 the fast reply.

For that who need similar goal we just build a docker image FROM n8nio/n8n with a custom build of editor-ui package with publicPath variable set to {{tenant}} value in the vue.config file just like this in the Dockerfile:

cd n8n/packages/editor-ui/
sed -i ‘s/module.exports = {/module.exports = { publicPath: process.env.FLOWUI_BASE_PATH,/g’ vue.config.js
echo “FLOWUI_BASE_PATH=${TENANT}” > .env.local
echo “VUE_APP_URL_BASE_API=/${TENANT}/” >> .env.local
npm install
npm run-script build

Now n8n works like a charm!

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Thanks a lot for sharing the work-around! Is very appreciated!

I want to however mention that I am not sure if it will make make problems somewhere else in n8n. Is additionally also possible that it breaks in the future as it is currently not officially supported.

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In the just released [email protected] it is now possible to set the publicPath via the environment variable VUE_APP_PUBLIC_PATH which will make the above now partly obsolete.

Actually the previous did not really work. It is now however properly possible to run n8n in a subfolder with [email protected]

Here an example: