Synology Cloud Drive node

I am using a Synology NAS at home and would like to upload invoices from mails automatically to some folder on my NAS. For this, a Synology node would come in handy.

It seems the authentication would require a custom auth node as it’s not OAuth2.

Resources I found so far:

Welcome to the community @chbndrhnns

I just had a quick look, and it should not be difficult to do. However, to test it and I guess we will need the hardware, right?

Yes. Would it help if I offered to do the testing for you?

Yes, that would definitely help.

Is there any news here a node for synology?

Welcome to the community @Bastian_Vorholt!

No sorry, sadly nothing new. You can however anytime write a node anytime yourself. Here is the node creation guide:

Additionally, can you use the Dropbox or NextCloud node as a good starting point and would then probably not take to long.

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