Trouble Updating airtable node

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. I am having a problem updating a record in my airtable node. I have extracted data from another node and I want to update the node in my airtable record.

Below is the error trace I am getting
ERROR: Your request is invalid or could not be processed by the service

You must provide an array of up to 10 record objects, each with an “id” ID field and a “fields” object for cell values.

Below is my workflow

Hi @Juma_Anton, welcome to the community :tada:

I am very sorry to hear you’re having trouble. I wonder if any required fields are missing when trying to run the Update.

Can you confirm which version of n8n you are using and share the full error details? Airtable typically includes information on what exactly is wrong, like “Table not found” in my example:

Also, can you share the JSON data you are sending to the Airtable node and your current Airtable table structure (which fields/data types you are using)?

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