Typeform Trigger not working

Hello guys,

Long story short, I am having a very hard time to connect Typeform to n8n.

The webhooks are created without any issues (I can see them in Typeform, the URL matches and everything), however, n8n seems having a hard time receiving the request from Typeform.

When I go to Typeform to get the info about the webhook request/response I can see that the requests are being sent from typeform, however here is the error from the Response box:

Post “https://xxxx.com:5678/webhook/xxxxxxx/webhook”: context deadline exceeded (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers).

Can anyone suggest where to look at to identify the problem?

P.S. Everything else seems to work correctly (Airtable trigger works perfectly fine)

Welcome to the community @dennis_maksymov

Just tested it and it’s working just fine. The only weird thing it’s according to the error, the callback url is showing the port?

May there be a problem with Docker setup which leads to this particular error on my side?

It’s really weird, because all the authorization forms work totally fine, the forms are loading with the correct ID, but it just doesn’t receive ANY responses from typeform

If you really use port 5678 in production then you should change that. Many services (maybe also Typeform) do only support the default ports (80 for HTTP and 443 for HTTPS).

In this case, follow the Server-Setup Guide and setup n8n correctly.