Webhook trigger fails to receive data in 5 sec

Hi. I’m trying to send webhooks from Activecampaign, but I get an error in Activecampaign “we did not receive a response from this web destination within our 5 seconds timeout”
3/5 webhooks in n8n are not providing a response and fail.

Hi @Artego,

This is a bit of a tricky one and will likely depend on how n8n has been installed, Can you share some information around that? I think when new threads are created there is a template that is provided which asks for the version, install method and some other bits which are sometimes handy to have.

You were right. We found a couple of errors on our side. Thank you

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For other people that have a similar issue. Best to run n8n in “main” mode (set environment variable EXECUTIONS_PROCESS to main). That will make n8n respond much faster to requests than “own” mode which takes normally at least 1 second to initialize the new process.

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