What is the difference between the docker n8n and the docker n8n + Redis?


I’m trying n8n and i installed the docker container for testing (connected to our postgres).
I can create workflows and they run perfectly.
I’m reading some of your documentation and i see a worker vesion with n8n and Redis.
I don’t understant the difference between the two, what will i loose if i don’t use the n8n+Redis setup ?

Thanks for your help.
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Hey @haoujey,

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The deployment with Redis is for using queue mode this allows you to have one n8n instance as the editor for your workflows and a bunch of other n8n instances that do the work.

You can find more information about this here: Scaling n8n | n8n Docs

Let me know if you have any other questions about this.

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Hi Jon,

Thanks, it’s clearer now.

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