Workflow data as input in the error trigger


I have a created an workflow that posts data to an HTTP endpoint. This workflow is configured with an error workflow(used error trigger node) that sends the captured error to a configured email address.

I need the failed workflow’s input data in the error workflow. Is there any way to achieve this?

Please do let me know.

Thank you. This tool is totally cool and amazing.

Hi @asmith, welcome to the community :tada:

This isn’t directly possible I am afraid as only the error data would be passed on to the error trigger node.

However, assuming you are storing the execution data for the failing workflow, you could read it via n8n’s REST API in your error workflow (the endpoint requires the execution ID which the error trigger provides). n8n also has a node to make working with this API a little easier.

That makes sense and thanks a lot for the workarounds you mentioned.

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