Workflow result access at Webhook node before it will be sent as a response

Can I access workflow result at Webhook node before it will be sent as a response if I use “responseMode: lastNode”?

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The option Response Mode: Last Node will return the output from the Last node. You can use this option to send your own response or send the processed from the last node.

We earlier did a live stream where we demonstrated how you can use the Webhook node to create an API as well as a Dashboard. You may find it helpful: Building Low-code APIs and Dashboards 🚀 - YouTube

Hi, thanks for response. I didn’t explain problem well enough.
I want to access response before it will be sent in code.
For example at “webhook” method.

async webhook(this: IWebhookFunctions): Promise<IWebhookResponseData> {
    // some logic 
    // response check 

I think it is possible, but I am not 100% sure. I am assigning this to @RicardoE105. He can provide more detail

Thanks a lot

I do not think this is possible. But why do you need to do that? What is your use case?

I wanted to check result and response 400 if it’s not like I want. I will use different node for this. Thanks for quick answers

Sadly that is not possible.

fyi there is already a feature request for that:

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