Zendesk Trigger

Hi again,

do you have a sample json (on zendesk) for the Zendesk Trigger ? Ill get a 404 with my Settings.


Sorry do not understand. When do you get a 404? When you activate/test a workflow with a Zendesk Trigger Node? What does it display exactly?

Is the workflow saved and you have n8n either exposed properly via its own domain/subdomain on your own server or using the tunnel?

Hi, yes i would like to start a Workflow with a Webhook from Zendesk. Why i need on N8N the API Key there ? Or ist this Trigger a Starttrigger for a Hook to Zendesk ?

Sorry still do not understand.

“Why i need on N8N the API Key there ?” => If your question is why you need an API key, then the answer is that without it n8n is not able to access the Zendesk API in your name.

“Or ist this Trigger a Starttrigger for a Hook to Zendesk ?” => A n8n Trigger-Nodes triggers an n8n workflow when something happens. In this it triggers the workflow when something on Zendesk happens. On a lower level what it is doing, is creating a target and a connected trigger on Zendesk. So whenever what is defined there “happens” it calls the defined webhook URL and so starts the workflow.

Sorry, i am blöd ! Now its fine.

Great to hear that you could figure it out!

The problem right now is that everything is not that well (or not at all) documented yet and it makes it so much more complicated than it should be. I hope that the documentation can be improved a lot over the next months! Please bear with me.

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