Abilty to batch retry errors for a specific workflow

Hi everyone! What do you think about a feature to re-run all failed executions of the same workflow? The easiest thing to test the use case would be to add it to the existing re-run drop-down. “Retry all failed executions with original workflow” and “Retry all failed executions with currently saved workflow.” There might be use cases where you must select date ranges or other parameters, but it isn’t my current use case.

An additional option that would be helpful would also be: Do you want to run only failed nodes and subsequent nodes, or do you want to re-run the whole workflow?

Case: Yesterday, an error in google sheets caused all runs from a workflow to fail. This is a high-volume workflow; now I need to go and retry the run one by one.

Maintenance is one of the critical things that n8n abstracts. Making batch retries possible would be helpful to decrease the manual steps involved in solving errors.

Is there a way to solve this that I am missing? Would you solve this another way?


Thought about it some more, and I think this feature could be added to the executions UI when you select more than one execution. Made a quick video to illustrate:

Recording 2022-08-27 at 12.04.07 PM - Watch Video

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I made a workflow to retry in batch, here is the source workflow if some one need.

This workflow must be manually triggered inputting the executions ids. The flow will try again, one by one, and stop if any error occour. At the end the worflow will delete the entry from the DB to keep the executions log clean, and make easy to know which one was not solved yet.

You will need:

  1. Set up the execution id on “to retry” node;
  2. set up the your n8n server url at “Request retry” and “Delete item” node;
  3. and set up you n8n credention at “Request retry node”.