Add more outputs to Switch Node [GOT CREATED]

Is there a way to add more “outputs” to the switch node instead of the default 4?

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No that is currently not possible. Changed your question to a feature request.

Allright thanks :slight_smile:

You are welcome. If you are interested in that feature (which you seem to be) you can up-vote it that we get a realistic picture of the interest in this feature. Thanks!

Bumping this in the hope to get a few more upvotes :neutral_face:

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I can see how this can be helpful. You have my vote! :slight_smile:

haha especially since i need around 65… Would love for the node to just get bigger in height :laughing:

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Thanks for the contribution - definitely would be useful! Updated post title so others can more easily find it.

@Damian_K conceptually, there could be an option to increase # of outputs (default 4), and the node itself increases in height for the additional outputs. As more outputs are added, the UX would get more cumbersome - especially when setting up routing rules within the node.

Along with flexible number of outputs, could be helpful to have a optional shorthand to setup routings. Would a text parameter that supports simple syntax be useful?
Something like:

2=“In progress”

This could be a standard text parameter and thus use n8n expressions for dynamically updating the routing logic based on WF data.

If anyone has any suggestions for this feature, please do share :slight_smile:


Well, In my case i got around 65 or over a 100 routes the workflow can take, Anything that will allow me to have more routes will work instead of having ~30-40 Switch Nodes tied together


Bumping it as looking for this feature. Need more than 4 outputs for my custom node and I guess it’s limited for the same reason as in the case of switch.

+1 but have no votes spare

Currently, I’m having to daisy chain them which is annoying…


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@jan any idea if anyone is working on this?

@BrunoTeixeira1996 it’s not currently being developed. It is however on our longterm list. We reprioritise this list often, best way to influence that list is by voting on this feature here :slight_smile:


What node-red does works really well

For each option you add it just makes another output

oh and I am unable to vote as my old completed votes are not available for me to use.

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@RedPacketSec I checked the vote thing again turns out you get 10 votes, Looking at your list you have 12 things you voted for with 2 of them being closed so I think it is working we will know soon when the notes feature comes out :smile:

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oh lol fair enough haha mis-counted

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Whats the best way to get around this at the moment?

Connecting switch nodes to switch nodes


any news on this?

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now available as a community node