Add Ticktick Integration


I suggest adding TICKTICK integration to n8N: API
It is already integrated with Zapier and IFTT.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I am also very interested in this integration with Ticktick.


Thanks both, looks like an interesting service indeed.

@Syphax, make sure to hit the vote button in the upper left yourself to have your vote count :slight_smile:

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Voted :blush:

And Yes, Ticktick is an interesting tool, used by millions of users.
Android App has been downloaded 5 millions times.

Adding my support for a TickTick integration too! It’s supported by the other popular automation platforms, and is one of the last things I use Zapier for that I haven’t been able to port over to n8n!

Is it possible to work in some tricky way with other types of nodes like HTTP request and so on? I really wanna connect n8n with ticktick. I tried HTTP request and JS, but I failed. (BTW, the api manual seems wrong, and I have to search the correct version on github)

Hi @Chivier

You should be able to connect to the API with the HTTP node. Of course you would need some proper documentation.
If you cannot get it to work, you might be able to import the curl request, or first try with something like postman and then when that works you can recreate it in n8n.

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Thanks! I make it now. I used a very silly but useful way. I use chrome developer tools to copy my http request as curl, and replace the cookie with my login token. Thanks a lot for your reminders.


@Chivier have you made it work?
can you share your workflows, since there are more interested people in building automation agains ticktick, including myself :slight_smile:

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Certainly! I actually wrote a blog post on how to automatically send completed tasks from TickTick to a Notion page. However, the blog is currently in Chinese. You can find it here:
However, don’t worry! You can simply follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the blog’s images to complete the configuration. By the way, I’ll be updating an English version of the blog this week. Stay tuned!

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I support the implementation

Hello everyone :wave: I decided to develop a custom TickTick node and have made very good progress! It’s my first one and it’s been much easier than I expected. I already got every operation for the tasks/projects listed in the TickTick API to work. I only struggle with the correct timezone/datetime parameters and need to make a few UI changes. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Screenshots TickTick custom node


I have just released my first custom node :partying_face:


I also published it on Github: github/n8n-nodes-ticktick

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. :slightly_smiling_face:


I just looking for this integration and found yours, thanks a lot!

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