AMQP Sender & Trigger connection error

Hello all,
I’m new to n8n,
My problem is with AMQP sender and trigger node, when I add my Rabbitmq credentials it try to execute both node run forever, And n8n terminal displaying [connection 1] disconnected till I manullay stop node execution.
I try to use cloudamqp instead of my local Rabbitmq installaion but sadly displayed another error which is said:
[connection-1] disconnected [ProtocolError: Unsupported AMQP version: 0-9-1]
My local Rabbitmq is 3.7.3 and cloudamqp is 3.8.3
n8n version is 0.68.2 and Os is macOS high siera
Maybe it’s not n8n related error, but if anyone can help I’ll appreciate that.
And another question :slight_smile: where could I find n8n detailed error log if it exist?

Welcome to the community @Alhussein!

Yes, the node does sadly currently only work with ActiveMQ. At least that is what the creator wrote. It seems to have to do with the AMQP version. Not sure what has to be changed to also support RabbitMQ.

Thanks so much @jan for quick reply. :slight_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Anyway I use Nodejs amqplib and it worked fine with rabbitmq.
Is there an easy way to integrate that code inside n8n?

Hi @Alhussein

The connector uses
It’s an amqp 1.0 library.

RabbitMQ only works with amqp 0.9.1

That’s why the connector does not work with RabbitMQ

But I think copy my code and switching out the rhea part shouldn’t be difficult.


I’m new to n8n stuff but I’ll follow how to create custom node and try.
Thanks so much :pray: :pray: