Custom Fonts for the Image Node?

I imagine it might be possible to upload custom fonts to the fonts folder of n8n, but I was wondering if this might be possible to do for an n8n cloud instance as well? I’d like to generate some barcodes and could use the image node to do it, but no barcode fonts are supported.

For do we use the same docker images as everybody else that self hosts n8n. So adding it specifically to would not be possible. But as this font should be very small and I can see that it could also be helpful for other people could we add it to the default image.

Do you know what package we would have to add to the Dockerfile as apk add?

I am not sure of the package name, but it appears via this thread TrueType fonts (.ttf) can be added to the fc-cache of the image? It might be useful to have some of these as a part of the Docker image’s font folder.

Sorry, but sadly do not find the time right now to look into that deeper. So changed it to a feature request. You can obviously anytime create a PR that adds the fonts to the docker image (just make sure that their license allows it). We will then review and test.